Create and send survey invitations using email templates. Shorten surveys and share reports with predefined demographic filters.


ELMO Software 

Senior UX Designer

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ELMO Survey


  • Stakeholder interviews

  • User interviews
  • Design Sprint workshop facilitation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Personas
  • User story mapping
  • User journeys
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing


In 2017, PeoplePulse – a customer and employee survey software company – was acquired. In 2019 the Sales team noticed that its retention rate was declining. The feedback from customers was the lack of noticeable improvements in recent years. Because of its decade old fragile codebase it was decided that ELMO’s newer solution, Survey, would be updated to help transition customers over and cater their current needs. 


I kickstarted the project with a discovery workshop based on Google's Design Sprint. We interviewed several subject matter experts from key departments, mapped out how a customer could transition over, and find what we needed to accomplish first to transition our first customers over. We voted to build the most popular feature used in PeoplePulse, Recipient Management, which allows customers to send survey invitations, manage email templates, and create predefined demographic filters.

Customer transition mapping session
Customer transition mapping session

I conducted several customer interviews, spoken to former PeoplePulse customers, and reviewed survey responses. After some sensemaking and synthesis I formed personas and insights and shared them with our stakeholders.

PeoplePulse Recipient Management personas and research insights
PeoplePulse Recipient Management personas and research insights

The key problems discovered from the research was that: the product was counterintuitive and difficult to navigate; iconography was ambigious; and tasks took too many steps to complete.


I designed a prototype focusing on simplifying the navigation, de-cluttering the user interface, and reducing the number of steps it took to complete a task.



The first round of usability tests were a success. The feedback was highly positive – “modern”, “easy to use”, “that’s it?”, and “Apple like”.


The Team

Product Manager Shameeta Diwakar
Business Analyst James Guyyani
Engineering Manager James Gordon
Software Engineer Jonathan Z
Software Engineer Aleks Sotirovski
Software Engineer Sunil Shenoy
Software Engineer Pum
Software Engineer Yifei Yu

Special Thanks

Sales Manager Chris Chilton
Digital Project Manager Emily Thomas
Marketing Consultant Arman Haghi
Program Manager Jeremy Simmons
Digital Project Manager Samantha Cai
Digital Project Manager Theresa Doung
Digital Project Manager Bhumika Trivedi
Digital Project Manager Ranbir Dhillon
Project Manager Support Amy Sun

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