ELMO Scheduler

Company ELMO Software
Role Senior User Experience Designer
Platform SaaS
Date 2020
Product (Q3 2020)

Manage scheduled reports and outbounds, simply.


Customers had to place a request via Support to create their own scheduled outbound reports. The HRCore team would then fulfil these requests manually. This process would take several weeks to complete, taking up valuable resources.

This gave us the opportunity to create a new scheduler that would empower customers the ability to schedule their own outbound custom reports. Our goal was to create a new seamless scheduler for our powerful Custom Reporting Tool (CRT), coupled via an API to a new independent scheduler engine that would readily available for other ELMO products into the future.


I conducted stakeholder interviews, gathered customer feedback, and analysed competitor solutions to help design a consistent experience.

Requirements were analysed with user stories created and sliced. User story mapping was done to form an MVP.


I created a high fidelity Figma prototype with several user flows to see where users would normally go to schedule a report.

Scheduler prototype with various user flows
Scheduler prototype with various user flows


The first round of tests weren't meeting some of the user's expectations. Based on my observations I decided to add a Scheduled screen to view, add, and manage scheduled reports.


The second round of tests was an immediate success, achieving a high satisfaction rating - “very easy to use”, “I like the new flow”, “4.5/5”.

The Team

Senior Product Manager Asha Nair. Business Analyst Graham Crawford. Engineering Manager Ronan Whelan. Software Engineer Gillian Ng. Software Engineer Nicholas Maddalena. Software Engineer Sumit Banskota. 

Special Thanks

Product Manager for HRCore Luciana Soewito. Implementation and Support Teams.

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